50 Things That Make Me Happy

I've been meditating a lot on gratitude and happiness and am going to share with you 50 things that make me happy. I feel like I could have written a list of 500, but I know you all would be bored to death after the first 50 anyway. So, here are 50 of the many things that make me happy (in no particular order)

1. Getting to sleep in
2. Coffee
3. Wine
4. My boyfriend
5. Red Bull
6. Family
7. Clothes (Especially when they're free and/or super cozy)
8. Candles
9. My family
10. My UGGs
11. Soft Blankets
12. Getting to cuddle up in bed to watch The Bachelor with a glass of wine
13. Getting to cuddle up in bed to watch anything with a glass of wine
14. Finishing a long run
15. Online shopping
16. Finishing a big work project
17. Booking a movie or TV show
18. Reading a really good book
19. Mindy Kaling's tweets
20. Wearing leggings/sweatpants/joggers all day
21. A really great fitting pair of jeans
22. New running gear
23. When my boyfriend makes me dinner
24. When I make my boyfriend dinner and it actually tastes good
25. Colorful paper straws
26. A really soothing face mask
27. Getting to see a favorite musical artist in concert
28. Traveling
29. Disneyland
30. Catching up with old friends
31. Discovering a great app
32. Listening to my favorite albums on vinyl
33. Chatting with my awesome followers on social media
34. Being recognized for doing something well
35. Clean clothes
36. Clean sheets
37. Freshly shaven legs
38. Cilantro
39. Flipping through magazines
40. Watching political debates
41. Finding a new podcast that's actually good
42. Listening to Grace Helbig's podcast
43. When there's no traffic
44. Not having to drive
45. Finding a great new restaurant/cafe/bar
46. Getting my nails done
47. Getting packages in the mail
48. Cute organizational stuff
49. Getting a new mug
50. Finishing a blog post ;)

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