Weekly Workout Challenge 3.29-4.4

After taking last week off due to lack on internet while camping, I'm back and more motivated than ever! I just had a great workout and look forward to another weekly challenge! After tonight's workout my thighs and arms are on fire! Let me know which videos you love and what body parts you'd like to work on. We're all in this together! This week there are a few routines I want us to do everyday (or twice a day) with one or two routines changing day to day at the beginning of the workout.

Tuesday -- 3.29
25 Minute Jog/Run

Wednesday -- 3.30

Thursday -- 3.31
25 Minute Jog/Run

Friday -- 4.1
25 Minute Jog/Run

Saturday -- 4.2

Sunday -- 4.3
25 Minute Jog/Run

Monday -- 4.4
25 Minute Jog/Run



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