cuddle + kind

Every once in awhile you stumble across a jewel of a company, a company that embodies things you love and what you want to give back to the world. cuddle + kind is a company that I am so glad I came across. cuddle + kind makes knit dolls out of natural cotton that are not only adorable, but also help the world. For each doll you buy, cuddle + kind donates 10 meals to children in need. As of today, they have donated 210,598 meals.
cuddle + kind was started by a family that wanted to make a difference & that's exactly what they're doing! I recently found out that my cousin is pregnant with her first child and ended up learning about this company right before hearing the announcement. When I heard the news I instantly knew that I wanted to get her future child one of these dolls. The dolls are heirloom quality and are something that I can see easily becoming a child's favorite while growing up.
cuddle + kind recently came out with "littles", which are 13-inch versions of their much loved dolls. I may love the littles even more than their bigger counterparts. I'm also crazy about their inspirational prints, which would be a fun touch to give as a gift with a doll. If you're so inclined, check out the video below to learn a little bit more about the company.

You can learn even more by going to the cuddle + kind website

I also recommend following them on social media @cuddleandkind (the photos are always ADORABLE!)

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