Downtown Napa Restaurant Guide

I was born and raised in the Napa Valley and currently live walking distance to the downtown area with my boyfriend. Napa is known for having incredible restaurants so I want to share with you my favorites from a locals perspective. Some of these are often overlooked by magazines and the big online websites and will hopefully give you new ideas for places to try if you're ever in the area!

Eiko's has a great lounge area and is one of my favorite places in town to grab a cocktail. Andrew and I frequently order sushi to-go and eat it back at home when we're feeling lazy. They have liquid nitrogen drinks and desserts, which are always a delight to watch.

Hands down the best brunch in town. Unfortunately, they only have brunch on Sundays. I would go every day of the week if it was open. They are also a wine bar and have one of the biggest wine selections in town.

Southern food! This is right on the waterfront and they have live music outside on Sundays. The cobb salad is one of my favorites here. I'm also a big fan of the fondue as an appetizer - delicious!

This is easily our most frequented restaurant in town and are number one go-to for to-go food. We always get the pho and usually throw in an appetizer or two. This place is gem and there is never a wait to get seated!

This is one of the newer places in town, but is quickly becoming a favorite if we want a burger or mac & cheese with a beer. This place has a laid-back atmosphere and the servers, cooks, and bartenders are all very knowledgeable. 

This place has been in Napa as long as I can remember. The Napa scramble is one of my favorites for breakfast. We don't have many breakfast places in town and this is an oldie but goodie.

My favorite Mexican food in town! Don Perico used to be in another building, but the wall collapsed after our big 2014 earthquake. The new place is bigger and spiffier, but you still get the quick and  friendly service. This place is family-owned and it shows. If you want a good burrito, taquitos, nachos, or a taco salad this is your place! They also have a full bar (which is rarer than you would think in Napa) so you can grab a mai-tai or margarita with your meal.

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