Nooky Box -- May 2016

I've been trying to make my blog a very sex positive place and was happy to receive a box from Nooky Box to try out for you guys. Nooky Box is extremely sex positive and works to make the box a fun and comfortable experience. Instead of going the dark, broody, sexy route - Nooky Box decides to go for the fun side of sexuality. The packaging is bright and inviting and the 'yay sex!' stickers are a fun little touch. Nooky Box also includes a sexy playlist and a little story book.
The contents of my box were the same as their marketing materials. I felt like the variety in this box is fantastic, even though I still haven't mustered up the courage to try ALL the products yet, but I will eventually get around to everything.
You can purchase a box for yourself (or for someone as gift - hello, bachelorette party!) by going to the Nooky Box website. A subscription is just $80 for 3 months and is bound to be a great time for you and your partner. Or just yourself - they also have solo boxes! 
I would love to hear from you guys about stigma when it comes to sex. If you're also a blogger, do you work to make your blog a sex positive place?


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