SlimQuick Pure 13-Week Challenge -- Day 1

SlimQuick Pure is having me do a 13-week challenge to document for you guys on the blog and on social media. I'm starting off quite skeptical, but maybe this will work really great. The normal 13-week challenge goal is to lose 25 pounds in 13 weeks. I don't have 25 pounds to lose, so I'm aiming for 10-15. This week, I'm trying out the extra strength tablets and the extra strength drink mix. They normally retail for $24.99 a piece. In total, I'm supposed to be taking 6 tablets and 4 drink mixes per day. I started off with 3 tablets and 3 drink packets since I've heard that it's best to start off slow and add more day by day. I don't have a sensitivity to caffeine, but if I did I could see this product being a problem. am I feeling?!

I'm feeling hyped! I don't remember the last time I had this much energy and it feels great! I did 7 Blogilates videos tonight and feel great. I feel motivated and focused. I'm actually hoping that this feeling last for the duration of the 13 weeks. Even if I don't lose weight, I'm definitely okay with just feeling more energetic. I'm normally downing coffee and Red Bull like water and never feel a thing when it comes to caffeine, so being able to feel it is AMAZING. I love that this formula is specifically designed for women's bodies. My main issues are with energy, stress, and hormones. When I'm hormonal, water weight is also an issue. Major buzz kill. I'll be updating on Twitter and Instagram frequently with how things are going and will be updating everyone here weekly. Let me know which of the 'ways our bodies work against us' are most true for you. Are you like me and normally have super low energy?
*The product mentioned in this post was sent to me for free for review purposes. All opinions are my own.*


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