SlimQuick Pure -- Day 8

A weekly update for you all! The first day I felt great all day...and all night. I literally only slept 2 hours that night because I had so much energy. I slowly started adding pills until I was taking the recommended amount. I am still enjoying the amount of focused energy that I receive everyday. I'm purposely not weighing myself until the end of the 13 weeks, but I can say that my pants are fitting more loosely and my face has been looking less puffy. Today, I started my period and am retaining more water weight than usual because yesterday was a travel day. I also missed a day of pills yesterday and only took one dose the day before. I'm back on it today and can feel myself slowly losing the excess water weight again. Taking SlimQuick Pure has given me more motivation to work out since I've had more energy. I would also say that taking the pills has also given my sex drive a little bit of a boost. Be sure to follow me on social media for more frequent updates!


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