My Seattle Packing List

With Bumbershoot only a week away, I have officially started preparing for our trip to Seattle. My parents will be there for a couple of days before they catch a cruise to Alaska. I haven't really seen any of my family since I moved to Portland earlier this month and am excited to catch up! They're renting a fabulous house for a couple of days where we will be staying for the first few nights. How can I say no to a house with an elevator?! Anyway...since I have already written out my packing list, I thought I would share with all of you what I will be bringing with me. It's going to be cold and probably pretty rainy while we're in town for the festival, so I'm attempting to plan accordingly fashion wise. Am I missing anything important? Let me know!

1. Jackets -- These are two of my favorite jackets and I'm excited to have the opportunity to wear them while in Seattle.

2. Black Tops -- Because black goes with everything.

3. Colored Denim -- I purchased both of these pairs specifically for the festival. I love colored denim, especially with a black top. The light gray pair was frayed hems, which give them an edgy feel.

4. A Casual Lightweight Dress -- This is a current wardrobe staple. It's incredibly comfortable and easy to accessorize.

5. A 'Date-Night' Dress -- Because you never know where the night will take us.

6. Shoes -- Black booties and nude flats are really all you need in life...shoe wise, anyway...

7. A Backpack -- The ultimate travel & festival bag. Really...who wants to have to carry around a purse all the time?


  1. i loved the backpack and the night date dress. i think i am gonna go online shopping now! :) thanks for sharing the list.

  2. Never been to Seattle! I've always wanted to go there and it's definitely on my list the next time I head to the states
    Kathy x



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