In Defense of Kylie Jenner

First of all, I can't believe that I'm actually writing a blog post about a Kardashian/Jenner right now. Not that I don't enjoy watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians (hello, guilty pleasure!) but I really don't find myself thinking about the family much outside of the show. I do follow a few of the sisters on social media, but am so turned off by the drama that is always surrounding Kim & Kanye. I finally got around to reading my issue of Allure magazine that featured Kylie Jenner of the cover and instantly knew that she was someone that I want to support as a person. She knows the separation between Kylie the human and Kylie the brand. What she shares via Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and even on the reality show is all her brand.

This girl has business sense!

The #WhoIsKylieJenner hashtag was a genius business move; it was basically saying "You don't like me? That's not the real me anyway. Water off a duck's back." People made a big deal about her lips & what did she do? Launch Kylie Cosmetics!

I am willing to stand up for any woman who is willing to make the best of a situation and turn it into a positive.

This girl was thrown into being on a reality tv show at a young age and had to deal with her sister's sex tape, her father's sex change, and all sorts of slut shaming regarding her & Tyga. Butttt...this girl came out ahead and is probably going to be one of the richest and most successful women of her generation.

Instead of trashing her, it's important for people to see Kylie for what she really is and not what they assume she is.

Kylie is a beautiful & motivated young woman who is working hard to create her brand, her cosmetic empire, and the life she wants.
Are there any women in the media that you feel deserve to be treated better than the general public choose to treat them? (I'm sure you all have a lot of answers, but I'd still love to hear who!)



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